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The Benefits of Designing Your Home Around Your Kitchen

There are many benefits to designing your home around your kitchen.  By having your kitchen as the centre of your home you encourage the family to spend the majority of their time in this area, which means that you can centre you family.  It you are the usual cook of the household then you will find that you spend the majority of your time in the kitchen, and if your kitchen is central to your home then you won’t be left on your own all the time.  When designing your kitchen be sure to have quality appliances like a Westinghouse fridge and be sure to include them on your contents insurance.

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Bring the family together
By making your kitchen the centre of your home you can help bring your family together.  Make your kitchen somewhere for your family to congregate at the end of the day and where they can chat about what has been going on.  Have adequate bench space so you have plenty of room to prepare meals and also seat family members around the bench.  Encourage people to sit around and talk by making sure the television is in a separate area of the house.  If you have the kitchen in the centre of your home you are encourage everyone to spend time around the cook, who often finds themselves trapped in the kitchen preparing the evening meal and missing out on the conversation.

Good for entertaining
A home that has the kitchen at the centre of its design is also great for entertaining.  Having an open planned home is also great for when you have lots of people over.  The best thing you can have in your kitchen is lots of bench space so you can lay out all the food, but people can also congregate and sit around the benches.  You should also have plenty of storage space and a large fridge that can handle all your bigger platters.  It is also nice for the host if the kitchen is the centre of the house because they then won’t find themselves shut away in another part of the house doing all the work and preparing the food while everyone else is off having a good time.

Save energy
The kitchen is usually the warmest room in the house, especially at night when you have the oven and stove working.  By making the kitchen the centre of your home you can help keep the hub of your home even warmer, and if you encourage everyone to use this as the main room in the house then you will save on heating bills in the winter.  It makes sense to heat the core of your home as the rooms on the outside, such as bedrooms, don’t need to be overly warm as once you have gone to bed you don’t necessarily need the heater on.

Heart of your home
The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, the main reason being because this is where the family all comes together at the end of the day.  Make your kitchen worth spending time in by having the best quality appliances, that not only look great, but help make your life a lot easier.  As well as making sure they are functional make sure they are aesthetically pleasing too.

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